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We are proud to inherit Aster DM Healthcare's legacy of trust, spanning 9 countries, 30+ years and 300+ hospitals & clinical establishments. And we are committed to harnessing it, by living up to the same clinical standards of excellence.
That's why we have benchmarked our processes on global quality standards. Our labs are powered by robotic tracks that reduce manual intervention and human error. Supported by digital pathology systems to offer you error-free reports within 48 hours. All delivered to you, with Aster’s quintessential human touch.

Why Choose Aster Labs

When you go for a diagnostic test, you're looking for something far more valuable than a lab report. You're looking for certainty. You want accuracy that you can rely on. You need a diagnosis your doctor can trust. Aster Labs, a national reference laboratory network, born from the glaring need to take the doubt out of diagnosis. Aster labs is here to ensure that you get the most accurate laboratory results every single time, in every lab report. But don't just take our word for it. Come, test us.

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